In the winter, the temperatures are usually low and the days are rather shorter, but that does not mean that you should stay indoors and you cannot enjoy RV camping. Most campgrounds that are open during winter are generally empty and you will find very few people. The landscape is peaceful and the crisp air is usually quite. The winter can be a great time to go for RV camping but only if you have the following tips:


The best way to enjoy winter camping is to go south for warmer climates. Just like the birds, you can head south to states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, New Mexico and California where the climate there is a bit warmer during winter season. These states have great camping grounds and scenic views where you can enjoy various fan activities with your friends or family. You should however, ensure that the pack you intend to go to is open in winter.

Expect freezing

We all know that winter is characterized by very low temperatures and even those going for snowbirding down south will also experience freezing. Therefore, ensure that you prepare yourself well and get the right equipment and clothing for camping. Additionally, ensure that all your water tanks and water storage facilities are well insulated to prevent freezing. This is because accessing clean water can be a problem during such times.

Prevent heat loss

To ensure that you keep warm and that your water does not freeze, you need to insulate the whole RV. This will ensure that you stay comfortable indoors and enjoy your winter camping. You can use RV skirt to insulate your camper and use plastic to insulate and cover the windows. Preparation and staying warm are very important for you to enjoy camping in the winter. Failure to do so will mean that you will have to go through extreme weather conditions and this is not fun.

Supplement your furnace

Camping in winter requires adequate heat supply. This means that you will depend mostly on the furnace of your RV. However, this means that you will have to incur high propane costs. You can cut these costs by purchasing additional electric space heaters for those spaces you will be spending a lot of time in. Electric heaters are more cost effective than propane furnaces. You should always install working carbon monoxide detectors when using your propane furnace as they can be dangerous at times.

For you to enjoy RV camping in the winter, the location you choose is very important. You need to choose a spot that is not so covered with trees and shrubs. Choose a spot that is in an open ground where the sun can shine on your camper during the day and a few trees in the background to protect the RV from strong winter winds.