When towing with an RV, a number of people think that the same insurance policy that is covering the RV will subsequently cover the vehicle in tow. Many people think that since the trailer or other vehicle being towed by the RV are technically attached, they are one unit and should be covered under one policy. Unfortunately, very limited information about such a scenario is not readily available on the internet. This can be a problem when determining whether you will be compensated by your insurer or not.

RV insurance policies vary depending on the company providing the services and from one state to another. Therefore, before you tow anything using your RV it is important for you to consult your insurance provider to find out whether both units are covered or not. It is essential to point out that as much as you would like to tow your car or trailer using your campervan, very few RV insurance covers will include the vehicle in tow. Most insurance policies only cover the campervan.

In a case that involves your trailer or towed car getting detached and hitting another oncoming or stationary car, you can make up to three different claims. The first claim you can file will be against the towed vehicle or trailer. This will only cover the particular vehicle that was being towed. You will, however, be compensated if you had insured the said trailer or car. The second claim you can make will be on any damages done to your RV. This can occur if the towed vehicle got detached and hit your RV. These two claims will be against the collision part of your insurance policy.

The other insurance claim might be made by the driver or the owner of the other car that was involved in the collision with your towed vehicle. This will be done against the liability part of your RV insurance policy.

To be on the safe side when towing your car or trailer using your campervan, ensure that you ensure the RV including liability for the RV and also get an insurance policy for the vehicle in tow. You never know when an accident will happen. Just be prepared for any eventualities and the insurance company will have to cater for all the liabilities that may arise.

You do not want to find yourself in a situation whereby you are expected to use your own money to repair damages to your beloved motorhome or repairing another motorist’s vehicle simply because you did not get the right insurance policy. Work with your insurance service provider to find the best policy that will protect you from any unforeseen liabilities.