Modern RVs are bigger, contain the latest accessories and are also powerful. They are great to have and they are rather costly. However, there is something unique and classy about owning a vintage RV especially models from the 1960s. There are individuals who still value them because of their coziness and the statement they make when on the road. Such vintage campers do not come cheaply and even some, for example, Shastas, Winnebagos, Scotsmans and Airstreams are still expensive.

When it comes to repairing the vintage campervans, their spare parts can be a problem to find but you can use their spares as replacements for the new models. For those who still love their vintage RVs and still want to enjoy the comfort they offer, you will have to be wary ofthe following 9 repair issues:

Tire replacement

No matter how good the tires of your vintage trailer, RV or coach may look, it is vital that you replace them. The tires may be worn out and the wear and tear are not visible to your naked eyes. Therefore, you need to replace them and get new tires for the motorhome.

Rebuilding engines and transmissions

Since the engine of your classic RV has been silent for years, there is a huge probability that the internal parts are rusty and need replacement. You will have to take the RV to a dealer to take a closer look at the engine and the transmissions to establish what needs replacement and what does not.

Cosmetic exterior issues

Weather elements can damage the aesthetics of you vintage camper van. The paint on the RV may have faded and is not appealing, the lamination may be peeling off and other issues that may have been brought about by the exposure to direct sunlight or snow. Ensure that you address these exterior issues if you want to bring back your classic RV back to life.

Roof and roof seals issues

The roof of the RV and the seals can be damaged as result of the constant exposure to weather elements and moisture. You need to fix the roof, replace all the seals, and even give it a complete overhaul.

Outdated indoor appliances

You need to replace all the indoor appliances including the heating systems, the air conditioning system and any other appliance that requires replacement. You can replace them with the modern appliances that are energy efficient and cost-effective.

Repairing worn out upholstery, chairs, and sofas

The chairs, sofas, and upholstery will require repairing and replacement. You can give them a facelift and even include your favorite colors and use the best quality material.

Repairing a vintage RV, coach or trailer can be a tedious process. However, with the help of a professional dealer, your RV will be restored and it will serve you well.