Whether you want to buy a new RV right from the showroom or from another owner as a pre-owned vehicle, you do not want to start by repairing a broken refrigerator, a faulty air conditioning system, a cracked windshield, smoky engine or a leaking tire. You want the value for your money and you do not expect to buy a faulty RV. However, just like any other major investment, you are bound to encounter a number of issues. As a first owner of an RV, you need to know the following issues:

Set aside some money for repairs

An RV is like any other machine and machines are susceptible to breaking down. Since it is a huge investment, it always a good idea to save some money purposefully for taking good care of your motorhome. The money you save can be used for regular maintenances and upgrades or can be used to address major issues and repairs.

Find a local experienced mechanic you can trust

Being a major investment, you should look for a reputable mechanic who understands the ins and outs of an RV. You do not want an inexperienced person working on your pricey campervan. Doing this will ensure that in case there is any problem with the RV, you will always request for the services of that particular mechanic.

Preventive maintenance is essential

To ensure that your RV is always in good running condition, carry out regular inspections inside and outside the campervan. You should do this on your own as you will easily detect if there are any issues that need fixing before they finally ground your RV. This is a preventive measure and it will save you a lot of money that would have been used if the RV actually broke down. You can also seek the services of a professional and licensed inspector to do the job for you and detect major issues that you may not detect.

Read the fine print

If you bought your new RV from a dealer, always take your time to read and understand the warranty and know what it covers and what it doesn’t. If you want to replace parts, ensure that you buy them from authorized dealers and ensure that they are still under warranty.

Research and be informed

You need to do research about your specific RV and ensure that you know at least a few things about it. This will prevent repair technicians from taking advantage of you simply because you are ill-informed and do not know basic things and spares for your RV. Avoid paying cash for any repair work before it is complete and done to your satisfaction.

You have spent a lot of money purchasing your RV and no one should treat you unfairly or offer poor services. If a dealer or a repair service provider does a shoddy job just walk away and find one that will offer value for your money.