Owning an RV is an investment that requires much love and care. It is basically your home on the move and you need to take care of it the same way you take care of your home or investment. Among the things you need to do for your RV is to insure it and maintaining the insurance cover. Unfortunately, not many insurance companies have adequate knowledge about RVs. Therefore, if you are planning to own and insure an RV or you are a seasoned RV owner, who is planning to switch policy covers for your camper, it is advisable for you to do thorough research on the different options available for you. Here are top 5 problems with RV insurance that you should know:

Insurance companies have a limited knowledge of RVs

Many insurance companies and service providers do not have adequate knowledge about RVs. Unlike the common sedans, SUVs and even tracks, recreational vehicles fall into a completely different category of vehicles that not very many insurance companies understand. RVs have additional features that most insurance service providers do not know how to cover them, for example, housing components, specialized interiors, and extensive electrical work. All these make it hard for some insurance companies to provide the right insurance policy for RVs.

Lack of urgency in handling insurance claims

Just like ordinary vehicles RVs also experience insurance-related problems that require compensation, especially during peak season when they are in constant use. Unfortunately, due to the fact that very few insurance companies understand the complex nature of RVs, most RV owners are forced to wait for a very long time for their cases to be handled.

Long wait time on insurance adjusters

The lack of knowledge on how to cover RVs by insurance service providers is another reason why insurers may take a long time to adjust their policies to benefit RV owners. This affects their efficiency in handling RV related cases.

Lack of knowledge on the part of the RV customers

Most RV owners do not understand what their policies cover. Insurance policies are not easy to understand and RV coverage complicates things even further. As an RV owner, you need to work closely with your insurer to understand what your policy covers.

Failure by customers to understand their deductibles

On of not understanding their policies and what they cover, RV owners do not understand their deductibles. Some RV owners have deductibles that are high while others have low deductibles. To some, the insurance policies and their deductibles are unrealistic but they still hang on them.

It is always a good idea to understand your RVs insurance coverage. You can do this by looking for an insurance company that understands your needs and has some knowledge about RVS.