Let’s face it, motor vehicle dealers tend to be more concerned about their sales and making profits than meeting the customer’s needs and demands. They are interested in seeing you leave with your RV instead of giving you the right information about what it takes to own a recreational vehicle. Before taking your RV to a dealership for repair you need to understand the common problems with camper dealerships. Here are some of the problems:

They do not provide you with adequate information about what you need

Buying a camper is a huge investment that very few people can actually involve themselves in. Therefore, you will expect that a dealer will understand that your RV is a precious possession that requires proper care and maintenance and as such give you all the necessary information you might need to care for it. Unfortunately, this is not the case because when you have all the right information on how to maintain and care for your camper, the dealership will be out of business.

Lack of adequate technical training and skills

Employing a highly trained and efficient technician can be a costly venture to some RV dealers and as such, they resort to hiring people with little or no knowledge about RVs. After all the dealers are more into making profits than serving a customer well. And by hiring a professional technician will reduce their profit margins. In most cases, they hire auto repair technicians who have no knowledge of the RVs.

Lack of urgency

Repairing a Campervan is not an easy thing that will be done by a quick fix. It requires time to focus on the finer details of the vehicle. This, in most cases, scares away dealers who are keen on making quick money by doing things hurriedly without looking at the small details. Most dealers will take time to even start working on repairing your RV. This means that you will have to wait for quite some time for your RV to be repaired.

Huge number of RVs to repair

As stated before, a lot of RV dealers only focus on making profits and when a new customer comes for collision repairs, they are never turned away. This is even made worse by the fact that the dealers lack adequate knowledge about the campervans leading to a huge number of RVs waiting to be repaired and as such it will take the dealers some time to look into your campervan and repair it.

 Minimal communication

This is a common problem with many motor vehicle dealers and it is worse when it comes to RV repair dealers. Most of these dealers expect you to constantly contact them and make trips to their dealership stores for you to know what is going on. They have a poor communication system.

Take your time to find an RV dealer who understands your needs, has broad knowledge about RVs and is dedicated to serving their customers well.