We all agree how important RVs are to us when going for camping. But where and how do you park your RV when not in use? Some people have access to street parking while others have their own parking area. Before committing or taking your RV to a particular parking lot or facility there are a number of things you should consider. Here are types of RV storage facilities you should consider:

Enclosed RV storage

Taking your RV to an enclosed storage facility is the best way to take care of your valuable home on wheels when not in use. An enclosed RV storage facility basically is a large storage unit that has a door and is kept under lock and key. It is the safest and most secure RV storage facility you will ever come across. The good thing about an enclosed RV storage unit is that your RV will be kept away from weather elements, is safe and you can only access it when you want to use the RV.

Indoor RV Storage

This is a type of RV storage facility that is built in a building, a hangar or a warehouse. In most cases, indoor camper storage facilities are big and are open to other RV owners to store their RVs there. This means that you will be sharing the facility with other RV owners. Your camper van will be protected from the weather elements like the sun, rain, dust and snow. These facilities are safe, secure and in most cases have standby security guard.

Covered RV Storage

Covered RV storage space is one of the most affordable storage options you may find for your camper. It is basically an outdoor area that has a roof for covering your campervan from the elements. It protects your RV from direct sunlight, rain and direct snow. This means that your camper will maintain its original paint and will always look good just as you stored it. However, such facilities are not as secure as indoor or enclosed storage facilities. Therefore, before settling for this option, check out if the facility has extra security features that will guarantee the safety of your camper van.

RV Parking Space

This is by far the cheapest option when it comes to RV storage. However, it is essential to point out that your camper will be exposed to all manner of things including weather elements, hailstorms, dust and it is vulnerable to theft. If you do not have a place to store your RV and want to save some cash especially if it is an old camper, you can consider this option.

When choosing a storage facility for your RV, there are other important factors to consider. Knowing the right facility will enable you to make an informed choice.