Are you planning to go camping this winter? Winter is great for camping because there are fewer animals, especially bears searching through your camp, and most camping sites and parks are less crowded. However, winter camping requires more thought and planning than your average summer trip or camping. People have come with various myths concerning what to do and what not to do during winter camping. Here are winter myths debunked:

Waterproof clothes are ideal for winter camping

As much as you are going to spend a considerable amount of time in the cold, you do not have to carry all the warm clothes with you. Warm clothes especially heavy jackets will cause the formation of moisture close to your body. The moisture that is trapped close to the body can easily draw heat away from your body through evaporation. If you want to stay warm, you should invest in clothes that allow moisture to escape from the body. Insulated, non-cotton underwear, polypropylene garments and woolen clothes are ideal for such weather conditions.

Leather hiking boots will keep your feet warm

Although most people will wear leather hiking boots whenever going for camping or hiking, they are not ideal for winter camping. Such boots can limit air circulation with its snug fit. Most of these boots have a cloth lining inside and this in most cases will draw moisture. Any small amount of moisture that is close to the body can be very disastrous in cold weather. Instead of wearing leather hiking boots, invest in winter boots and non-cotton socks.

Drinking alcohol will warm you up

This myth has been in circulation for many years and is a myth you should not fall for. A lot of people think that whiskey, brandy or vodka can warm up a freezing chest. The truth of the matter is, alcohol dehydrates your body and blooms the skin causing fast heat loss. Additionally, alcohol slows down your body functions and nerve response. This can be dangerous because you need to be alert when hiking or camping and can lead to fatalities.

Longjohns are essential

This is rather a fact but you need to invest in original and authentic longjohns. When going into the wild during winter, ensure that you buy quality woolen or synthetic longjohns and avoid buying the ones made of cotton. This is because cotton soaks up moisture and cools you down. This can be dangerous because your body needs warmth at all times.

Going for a camping during winter is not easy. You need to pack the right and quality gear, have various ways to keep warm and choose the right campsite.