Regular maintenance of you RV’s water system is vitally important if you want to be confident of its operation when doing laundry, washing dishes, as well as showering and drinking.  The following are some basic tips to keep your system operational.

1.) One of the easiest preventive measures you can take is to make sure you are using a pressure regulator when connecting your RV to any external water supply.  Available at any RV dealer and online, many of these can be easily screwed onto the water supply hose, or permanently attached to your RV.

2.) Another simple precaution is to periodically drain the fresh-water tanks.  This can be done by locating the plug or valve (typically located outside near the water tank).  Some RV’s don’t have this feature, in which case it may be necessary to drain the water via the faucets.  Just make sure you don’t let the water pump run dry for more than a few moments (just enough to confirm the tank is empty).

3.) Clean the water system by filling the water tank half-full, then adding a solution of 1/4 cup bleach and 1 gallon of water for every 15 gallons tank capacity.  Open all the faucets to let air escape as the solution fills the system.  You then want to let the solution sit for a few hours before draining it and running fresh water through the system again.  Baking soda can be added to remove any lingering odors or tastes.

4.) You can also prevent freezing (when the RV isn’t in use in the off-season) by draining the system.  Turn off the water pump, open all the low-point drain valves (including the water heater by removing the bottom plug).  Briefly run the water pump to remove and water, then pour RV antifreeze down the toilet and drains to make sure the U-shaped traps are protected.  The shower hose and ice-makers should be checked to ensure they are drained and free of water too.

These 4 tips should go a long way to ensuring your home away from home’s water system continues to run smoothly for the life of your recreational vehicle!  As always, please feel free to contact us, B & C RV and Marine Service, for any RV repair and service requirements.